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Jon Goodman Photogravure and the Heron Press are pleased to announce the publication of PHOTOGRAPHING IN HIGH PLACES, a portfolio of ten photogravures by Bradford Washburn.

Bradford Washburn, photographer, mountain climber, cartographer, explorer and museum director spent over four decades making photographs in the high places of the Alaska Range and the Yukon. Working with a large format aerial camera Washburn made astonishing images from on the ground and in the air of places that few if any had seen before his expeditions.

PHOTOGRAPHING IN HIGH PLACES presents a collection of ten of these images as photogravures made from Bradford Washburn’s original negatives by Jon Goodman. The 10 x 13” plates are exquisitely printed on 17 x 20” Somerset paper accompanied by a text by Martha Sandweiss.

PHOTOGRAPHING IN HIGH PLACES is available in a strictly limited and numbered edition of 100; 90 copies on Somerset paper and 10 deluxe copies printed chine colle on hand made paper. The portfolio is presented in a handmade case individually crafted for this portfolio.

PHOTOGRAPHING IN HIGH PLACES is available Autumn 2005.

The deluxe copies printed chine colle on hand made paper are no longer available. (May 1, 2006)

May 1, 2006 a few Regular edition copies of PHOTOGRAPHING IN HIGH PLACES are still available.

It is impossible to adequately represent the breathtaking quality of PHOTOGRAPHING IN HIGH PLACES, it should be seen by anyone interested in this work.

Photographs © BRADFORD WASHBURN Courtesy, Panopticon Gallery, Waltham, MA

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