Green Cabbage: Jon Goodman
Lone Tree, North Canyon, Grand Canyon: Jon Goodman


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Public Collections holding Jon Goodman's work

The Museum of Modern Art, NY

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Phila., PA

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

The New Orleans Museum of Art, N.O., LA

The Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA

The New York Public Library, NY

The Musee de L’Elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland

The Cabinet des Estampes, Geneva, Switzerland

The Bibliotheque National, Paris, France

The Musee Nicephore Niepce, Chalon Sur Saone, France

Polaroid International, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Musee Gustave Courbet, Ornans, France

The Eakins Press Foundation, NY

The State University of NY, New Paltz, NY

The Fidelity Corporation, Boston, MA

Included in “An Index to American Photographic Collections”

“The Photographer’s Biography Project” IMP/GEH