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Outline for 5 day photogravure workshop

Day 1: Introduction of people, studio and process. View some prints.
Demonstration of process, brief description of positive and densitometry, exposure, tissue laydown, development, stopping out, aquatinting, heating aquatint, etching,and printing.
If time permits in the afternoon students proceed to make their own positives either digitally or in the darkroom. Discussion of positive requirements, darkroom technique and chemistry. Digital method and curves.
Day 2 Demonstration of sensitizing tissue.
Participants commence first plate attempt with instructor assistance.
Entire day

Jon demonstrates sensitizing pigment tissue
Day 3: Discussion and viewing of various printing techniques and papers.
Participants etch and make initial proofs of plate. Printing with instructor assistance.
Entire day.
Hands on demonstration of wiping technique and printing.
Clay Harmon etches a plate
Day 4: Demonstration and discussion of printing methods,techniques and inks.
Participants make second plate with less supervision. Some people print while others make plates.
Steve Dixon looks at a first proof
Day 5: Etching of second plate and proofing. Printing practicum for those that so desire.
Photographers will often want to devote more time to printing, as printing a copper plate tends to be a completely new experience.
Wrap up.
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